Spiralizer Apple Chips

Spiralizer Apple Chips

I have used the Paderno Spiralizer for years now, I’m a little obsessed! It’s by far my fav kitchen tool and essential for healthy, clean eating.  I love the versatility of the blades that comes with it. Big noodles, small noodles, shredding to making chips or slaws; it’s the best brand I’ve used. I always make zucchini pasta with it and cucumber noodles are delish too. One of my new favorite recipes is to make apple chips with it. I use the straight blade for making the chips.

Apple Chips

  • cinnamon and cardamom to taste ( I used about 1/8 tsp of each)
  • 3 drops Thieves by Young Living
  • ½ lemon, pressed or squeezed
  • 2 apples (I love pink lady)

Dehydrating time: 4 hours at 115 degrees

Baking time: 200 degrees for 2 hours

The apples tend to come off in long strands of chips so feel free to cut or trim them to your desired size. Make sure and remove the seeds too. Once you are done spiralizing, add the apples to a large bowl, pour the lemon juice with Thieves all over the apples and dust as much cinnamon and cardamom as you wish. Play with your flavor cravings and have fun with it! The lemon does add a little zing to the flavor but I love that and I also use it so the apples don’t turn completely brown.

LL Spiralizer 003Onto the NescoFood Dehydrator… I’ve used this guy for 10 years. Yes, the same dehydrator. This thing is tried, true and very well priced!   I have ordered a few other trays and screens for it too. Love, love, love. For the apple chips the Nesco is perfect! I use a regular tray and just add the apples directly on. I don’t layer them perfectly, I just spread them out, set the temp at 115 degrees (this still keeps them “raw” with all the nutrients locked in). You should dehydrate the apples for about 4 hours. Wait….. no dehydrator? Well, you SHOULD have one but if you don’t you can bake the chips at 200 for about an hour. Just simply cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the apples on it. Be sure to check your apples at around 45 minutes since oven temps differ. Shift your chips around so they bake more evenly and bake for another 45min-hour. You can bake them longer if needed for your desired texture. Be prepared for your kitchen to smell like apple pie! Try not to eat all the chips off the tray before they are done dehydrating or baking. Enjoy!

LL Spiralizer 005LL Spiralizer 004
LL Spiralizer 006

Interested in Young Living essential oils? Let me know!

I love being a Lemondropper

Jocelyn Sidwell #2179721

I would love to hear of any of your fun recipes and creations too! I will be posting more recipes for the versatile Paderno Spiralizer and NescoFood Dehydrator.

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  • January 30, 2015

    Thank you for the recipe and product suggestions! Can’t wait to get the dehydrator and try this out. I know my kids will love them!

  • February 28, 2015

    Met you in Oriental this week. Hope you finally got home safe and sound. I’d be more interested in your oils. Have you heard about sage oil? Salvia officinalis is the botanical name. It is supposed to help with memory problems. Claims one hour after taking they had better memory, more focused attention and more alertness. This was reported in Journal of Psychopharamacology. Another study claimed if you smelled sage you had stronger memory and were in a better mood.
    I know nothing about these herbs but find it fascinating. I read this in “bottom line Personal” a great publication I’ve just subscribed to and has brief articles about a variety of things. Have you heard that tapping your forehead and ears, tap a toe on the floor or stare at a blank wall helped obese people suppress food cravings? Tapping foreheads worked best.
    I’m going quickly thru this magazine and although it covers all subjects from travel, money, health just a multitude of subjects there are many articles that you may be interested in. Didn’t intend to give you a heads up about this but there are a variety of articles that you may find helpful in your business. I’ve just started subscribing to this and a friend told me that if yo recommend someone you get a bonus ????
    Well I certainly did not mean to give you a sales pitch. But found this article about spices that help and thought you would know more and possibly I can get them from you. I’d. Pipeline, oregano, basil and sage????

    Would be fun hearing from you or tell me how to find out about your oils. Would love to look 40 years younger

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