Sean Testimonial


My physical health was at an all time low.  Misguided surgeries and a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits had reached a breaking point.  I had been sidelined from my career and passion- flying.  But a new doctor with new information and a new approach showed promise.  A plan was laid out that would involve two more major operations.  About this time, I met Jocelyn.  I told her my story- what my body had been through and the state that it was in.  I told her that I wanted the outcome of these surgeries to be different, and that I wanted to prepare and help heal my body through nutrition.

Jocelyn took my vision on board and helped make it a reality.  She had a passionate, yet respectful style that suited me well.  She matched me at every stage in my health journey.  She helped me cleanse, detoxify, and rebuild my body from the inside out.  The most beneficial part of working with Jocelyn, however, was how much I learned.  She taught me what certain foods did for the body.  I went from reading “Nutritional Facts” to reading ingredients.  Food became my medicine.  Jocelyn provided me an empowering foundation of knowledge.

Today, I am two successful surgeries complete, and happily back in the cockpit of not only aircraft, but of my life.


LT Sean Brady, USN


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