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Today we collaborated with Myzenbins good friend Jocelyn Sidwell. Jocelyn’s company Level Lifestyle focuses on helping you achieve a balanced lifestyle one level at a time. We love Jocelyn’s simple approach to a balanced life. For our first #thirstythursday we are talking juice. SIMPLE basic citrus. Below is Jocelyn’s article on grapefruit and it’s amazing benefits. Make sure to check out her page!

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Juicing has become such a fad. But does it really benefit our bodies? And it gets expensive, now what? Lets go back to the basics… nutrition doesn’t need to be hard.

Let’s focus on grapefruit today. I looooove grapefruit, I crave it. Grapefruit has high amounts of vitamin C, A and calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. So what does all that mean? Well, the vitamins in grapefruit give our immune system a huge boost to fight colds and fevers. The minerals in grapefruit can clear unwanted toxins from our bodies. Even though grapefruit is of course acidic it creates an alkaline reaction in our bodies once it is digested. But that brings up a great point for why juicing is so great for our bodies…

Unprocessed unpasteurized juice is known as “predigested”. This means our bodies don’t have to work extra hard to digest and receive the nutrients. This gives our bodies a break and allows it to focus on healing and ridding toxins. An odd to some but best way to start this process is to “chew” your juice. Yes, chew liquid; swish it around in your mouth and under your tongue. This simple action jumpstarts our saliva to start absorbing nutrients and tells the digestive juices to fire up.

Now, back to grapefruit. As important juicing is and how beneficial it is for our bodies, it can be easy. Take baby steps to this helpful fad and just press or squeeze some citrus in a glass. One of my favorite easy recipes is the combine equal parts grapefruit and lemon juice. This is a fantastic way to beat fatigue instead of midday coffee or use it as a pre work out. Embrace the juice buzz and remember it can simple.

– Jocelyn Sidwell, Level Lifestyle


  • October 3, 2014

    I am so not a huge fan or grapefruit…matter of fact I buy them and with great intentions to eat them but I usually only get around to one of them :( So juicing them would be a greater way for me to include them in my daily immune boosting ritual….love warm lemon water so I bet some grapefruit water would be just as good??? Maybe??? I am definitely going to keep trying…thank you for the grapefruit education!!!

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