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PTW: Post Thanksgiving Workout

So, Thanksgiving hit and you’re feeling the belly bulge from the amazing food… You just couldn’t say no.  Well now it’s time for the Post Thanksgiving Workout: AKA Body weight no excuse workout! (IF you must break up some of these moves ex: push ups 20, do 10 at time even on your knees then …


Pumpkin Parfait

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Are you Hosting Thanksgiving? Going to a Thanksgiving Dinner or party? Need to bring something? Whip this up and have everyone Ooohing and Ahhhing over this healthy delicious treat as you break tradition – in a good way! Try this vegan gluten free dessert instead of the traditional pumpkin pie Pumpkin …


The Pranamat!

It’s our new obsession! The Pranamat! What exactly is Pranamat? At first it might look just like a yoga mat, but don’t be fooled. It’s much more. Pranamat is a therapeutic massage mat stimulating human body’s bioactive points to boost energy, reduce pain, relieve tension and stress, improving sleep and overall health. The Pranamat has these …


Spiralizer Apple Chips

I have used the Paderno Spiralizer for years now, I’m a little obsessed! It’s by far my fav kitchen tool and essential for healthy, clean eating.  I love the versatility of the blades that comes with it. Big noodles, small noodles, shredding to making chips or slaws; it’s the best brand I’ve used. I always make …


Cape Hatteras Secondary School Champion Juicer Donation

I recently journeyed down to where I grew up, Hatteras NC… It’s been years since I’ve made a visit for more of a day down there. I’d been in contact with a dear friend of mine that I grew up with and was close to for the last few years I lived there. She is …


Reasons to Love Grapefruit

Blog post Posted on MyZenBin Today we collaborated with Myzenbins good friend Jocelyn Sidwell. Jocelyn’s company Level Lifestyle focuses on helping you achieve a balanced lifestyle one level at a time. We love Jocelyn’s simple approach to a balanced life. For our first #thirstythursday we are talking juice. SIMPLE basic citrus. Below is Jocelyn’s article …


What Can Health Coaching Do For You?

Learn how to expand your current wellness business, deepen your impact, and further your reach with Integrative Nutrition. During this live training session, you’ll discover ways to make your wellness practice thrive!


Making a Big Life Change? A Health Coach Can Help.

Join our exclusive interview with IIN Graduate Nick Oddo where we’ll discuss the role Health Coaches play in helping their clients stay on track during times of change. We will also share 7 actionable tips to start handling change and managing stress healthfully today!