Cape Hatteras Secondary School Champion Juicer Donation

Cape Hatteras Secondary School Champion Juicer Donation

I recently journeyed down to where I grew up, Hatteras NC…

It’s been years since I’ve made a visit for more of a day down there. I’d been in contact with a dear friend of mine that I grew up with and was close to for the last few years I lived there. She is now a teacher at the Secondary School and she has developed a curriculum for a class called “Foods.” I couldn’t be more ecstatic that she started this class! As we’ve been in contact, she mentioned to me if any of my clients had a older juicer they weren’t using. I thought and thought, and had no one I could l think of. Then it dawned on me, I can give her my old juicer! My older Champion juicer was still at Café M in Norfolk when I did juicing there for a short time. So the adventure was set! I was heading “home”!

On a perfect Tuesday morning, I arrived at the school and stopped by the office to be checked in and meet with Evan Ferguson. She was already waiting with open arms. I was so excited to be there, see her after so many years, and give back to the school that I grew up in. We decided on a pineapple, cucumber, kale, ginger, lemon juice for the demo. I started first with explaining how to put the juicer together then went into juicing mode. Next, I made a basic ginger juice so they could see how easy it was to make and keep for future use. I wanted to get the students involved so I asked if any volunteers wanted to try and juice. Mrs. Ferguson got the students all excited; they washed their hands and got to work! They all seemed interested and most enjoyed the juice flavor. There were plenty of comments though!

Once we were done juicing and the students had taken apart the juicer and cleaned up, I had some time for Q and A with them. I explained a little about myself, why and how I started Level Lifestyle, and Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The feelings I got speaking to the students, their questions and just being back in my school was overwhelming. I can’t describe the gratitude and excitement I had. Knowing I could be part of this developing class and giving back to my school was one of my favorite experiences in my practice. Go Hurricanes!

10614366_520097491468211_2996130777720765381_nVroom Vroom!


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